Blessings #183 – Counting the thing I have that money can’t buy

I was reading something today when I cam across this saying:

IMG_9324“If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy”

Now there’s a thought? Can I count the things I have that money can’t buy:

  1. Last night’s sunset
  2. A family that I love
  3. The wonder of sight
  4. The ability to read
  5. The cry of the curlew on the moors
  6. A breath of crisp cool fresh air after a warm day
  7. A sky full of stars
  8. The ability to write
  9. A crescent moon
  10. Watching the sun fall into the sea
  11. A warm summer day
  12. Love
  13. The view from Gummer’s How at the weekend
  14. A full moon
  15. The patterns in wood
  16. The buds on the trees
  17. A kiss from Sue
  18. Hope
  19. Answering a crossword clue
  20. A walk in the woods
  21. Delight
  22. The change of the seasons
  23. A wild deer in the field in the morning
  24. A good night sleep
  25. A hug from Jonathan
  26. A crisp cold autumn day
  27. Friends who are there
  28. Finishing the crossword
  29. Kind words from an acquaintance
  30. Watching my children grow into adults
  31. The time of friends
  32. Gratitude
  33. The comfort of being at home
  34. A glorious sunrise
  35. Praise
  36. A heritage
  37. Walking
  38. A rainbow after a storm
  39. Tears of joy
  40. Watching the acrobatics of a swallow
  41. Holding Emily’s hand
  42. Laughter
  43. A thunder storm
  44. Forgiveness
  45. Prayer
  46. The touch of a polished stone
  47. Pleasant surprises
  48. Visiting wildlife in the garden
  49. The crash of a wave
  50. Smelling a log fire

I got to 50 and decided that I felt rich enough.

My benefits are worth more than a big salary, even a very big salary;
the returns on me exceed any imaginable bonus.

Proverbs 8:20

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