Blessings #181 – Portal Songs

Last night I was out and about in the car on my own. The music was playing loud and I was singing along. Bob Dylan’s Slow Train Coming was the album of choice.

LangstrathI’d already listened to "Gotta Serve Somebody" and "Precious Angel!" and then it was time for "I Believe in You". As Bob’s guitar played I was immediately transported to all sorts of places where I’d listened to that song before. I saw some of the places as real physical things, others were just the feelings of a time and a place. The song was like a portal through time.

One of the places is a small room in a halls of residence and I am watching the needle glide across the vinyl on the jet black turntable that I’d bought with some of my student grant.

Another place is a hillside in the Lake District overlooking a turbulent lake. The rain is pouring down and I’m listening through my headphones. I’m protected and hidden under my hood.

There’s a different place this is a place of passion. I can’t see the time or the physical place, but I know the emotion of the passion of the place.

There’s another place, I’m in my car, it’s wintery and dark and I’m travelling home on the M6 alongside thousands of other people travelling the same road. The journey has been long, but I’m going home, back to the place where I belong.

I’m transported to all of these places, and others, all at the same time. Like a set of strings resonating together each of these moments rings with the same tune, the same emotions, the same thoughts, the same words:

Don’t let me drift too far
Keep me where you are
Where I will always be renewed
And that which you’ve given me today
Is worth more than I could pay
And no matter what they say
I believe in you

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