Blessings #175 – Reading the Christmas Cards

Before Christmas we are normally quite busy so we don’t all get a chance to read all of the Christmas cards before they get put on the doors as decoration for the period. It’s become a bit of a tradition to sit down and read through the cards after we have taken them down.

Tarn HowesIt was lovely to read through the kind comments from friends near and friends far.

It was a special thing to take note of who had taken the time to send cards.

I really enjoyed reflecting on them all and it reminded me of an early blessing when I talked about a study done with people over the age of 95. They we asked what they would do differently if they had their life to live over again. Their answers were:

  • They would risk more.
  • They would reflect more.
  • They would do more things that would live on after they were dead.

I keep reminding myself in the busy days to reflect more.

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