Top 30 for 2011

I tend not to write many list posts mainly because I’m not a big fan of them.

One I have taken to doing is the occasional ‘Top’ list, and I’ve noticed others have already started the top lists for 2011, so here’s my Top 30 posts by visits in 2011:

  1. Rich PicturesHalo - Haslingden
  2. Team Development: Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing
  3. A Lack Of Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency On Mine
  4. Ignore Everybody – and other quotations
  5. Modern Office Etiquette
  6. Facebook Productivity Impact
  7. Office 2010 on App-V: Known Issues and Limitations
  8. I love what I do – because – I’m good at what I do – because…
  9. Technology is making us rude
  10. Organisation Charts
  11. Because it’s Friday: Humorous Sign Graffiti
  12. Concept of the Day: Cultural Plasticity
  13. Connection, Interaction and Human Rights
  14. Dilbert on Multi-Tasking
  15. Windows Live Writer Dictionary – Hack
  16. Because it’s Friday – Razy Gogonea
  17. In the same room, but not together
  18. Are tablets already changing the workplace?
  19. The Future: A Day Made of Glass
  20. Social Currency
  21. My (Former) Job No Longer Exists
  22. Because it’s Friday: Dilbert and the PowerPoint Summary
  23. Rich Pictures – Showing The Peoples Perspective
  24. UK Identity Card Database Physically Destroyed
  25. The Four Ages of Remembering a New Password
  26. Naked on the Fourth Plinth
  27. Email is broken (and my embarrassment)
  28. Single Instance Storage in Windows Server 2003 R2
  29. New Banner Pictures
  30. Tension Headaches: My Journey So Far

Generally they are posts that I’ve written in the last twelve months, but there are two items on the list from 2006!

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