Am I running slow?

Sometimes when I go onto this site it appears to me to be running rather slow.

Caernarfon Castle ViewsBut I have access to a set of metrics that tell me that everyone else is getting a good performance.

Perhaps it’s just my level of patience, but it might be that all of the metrics are wrong and I’m really giving people poor performance.

Please don’t expect Google type performance from me, I only have a limited budget, but it shouldn’t feel like you are using a dial up connection all of the time (if you remember what that felt like).

Does it all look a bit slow to you?

I know that for many of you it’s an irrelevant question because you read my wittering via a reader or an email client and the performance of the actual site isn’t visible to you.

2 thoughts on “Am I running slow?”

  1. Hi Graham, I mostly view via GReader but on the occasions that I have gone to your site to make a comment, today included, it has taken a while for the page to load. Also when I commented the other day, the page timed out and I had to resubmit, so I’d say that there is a problem somewhere.


  2. Thanks for the feedback Martin. As you may have noticed I’ve made a number of changes which seem to have made some improvements, but I’ve still got a way to go I think before I really understand what’s going on.


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