Top Posts for Quarter 3 2011

As we move into the fourth quarter of 2011 I thought I’d highlight the top posts for the third quarter:

  1. Rich Pictures
  2. Team Development: Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing
  3. Ignore Everybody – and other quotations
  4. A Lack Of Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency On Mine
  5. Organisation Charts
  6. Because it’s Friday: Humorous Sign Graffiti
  7. Facebook Productivity Impact
  8. Office 2010 on App-V: Known Issues and Limitations
  9. Modern Office Etiquette
  10. I love what I do – because – I’m good at what I do – because…
  11. Connection, Interaction and Human Rights
  12. Finding my mobile – a story of location software
  13. Do I really look like Eddie Murphy?
  14. The Four Ages of Remembering a New Password
  15. Because it’s Friday: Dilbert and the PowerPoint Summary
  16. The Talk Normal Challenge
  17. Because it’s Friday: Danny Macaskill
  18. Because it’s Friday: iPod Magician – Marco Tempest
  19. Because it’s Friday: A message for Pacdog
  20. Tension Headaches: My Journey So Far
  21. Going +1 with AddThis
  22. Naked on the Fourth Plinth

I was only going to post the top 20, but I really enjoyed writing #22 so wanted to give it a bit of a knees up.

The top 4 have been the tops 4 for a very long time now. Rich Pictures is from 2009.

It’s interesting to see some older posts making a come back. I wrote my post on Tension Headaches back in May 2010, which reminds me, I really must do another update on that subject.

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