The Internet Is Everywhere

There’s a saying that goes – “Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it”

Sometimes I like to remind myself about what has changed. If we remember where we’ve come from we might have a better chance of seeing where we are going to.

In my working lifetime we have moved from a situation where the network was something that only did very limited things, and only existed between a few location. It’s job was simple – to connect people to the mainframe. It could only be accessed from specialist devices that sat on people’s desks.

Today the network is everywhere and accessed by a huge variety of devices. We naturally interact with a rich set of media from across the globe. What was difficult just a few years ago is now commonplace.

My kids regard BBC iPlayer as the normal way to watch video.

There are still some constraints of speed, but they are rapidly being overcome.

What was once reserved for the few is now a commodity.

It’s remarkable.

(As an example, I’m writing this on a mobile device connect to a wifi network while sat in a coffee lounge in a church)

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