Social Currency

I’ve been playing with a couple of tools recently, both of them focussed on assessing someone’s social value.

Williamson ParkThe first one is Empire Avenue which is an online market game where you can buy and sell shares in other people’s social media presence.

My share value is currently running around 25 eaves up from a starting price of around 17 eaves. Not a bad profit Smile.


Your value is influenced by a number of things but primarily by your online social interactions.

I’ve now got 8 share holders too who’ve made some good eaves out of my share price rise. My portfolio is doing quite well too.

The other tool is My Web Career which seeks to measure your online presence in terms of a ‘Career Score’:

A Career Score is an indication of the strength of an individuals career brand, professional accomplishments, and relationships.

Here’s my current score:


It would appear from this that I’m not doing too badly at creating an online presence Smile.


There’s also some really interesting visualisations of my connections which have been quite interesting to nosey around. Who knew that they were connected to them?

Both of these tools raise some interesting questions about the value and the perils of the read-write web and social media.

We all need to remember that our online presence is available around the world and to millions of eyes.

We each need to decide what kind of presence we want to have online.

We also need to realise that our online presence is a differentiator in the workplace with both our customers, employers and potential future employers. It’s a social currency.

(If the truth be known – I thought twice before I wrote this post because I wasn’t sure that it was a good thing to write)

One thought on “Social Currency”

  1. Hi Graham,

    Interesting to note how many services are already assessing people – in the background. is one, and in a similar way to the webcareer – it has a good visualisations of connections and influences.

    1 thing I like about Klout is it’s integration into services such as, so social currency, updates etc of people you’re interacting with are delivered along with their correspondence.

    I am sure LinkedIn will be watching this space very closely, but haven’t decided how to play their cards. Because, as you’ve mentioned the delineation between ‘game’ and value is a close call at the moment.


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