Old Dogs and New Tricks

One of the challenges I find as I get older is how I continue to be open to new ways of doing things.

Surveying the landThe world of work is consistently changing and in order to stay valuable we need to change with it. An example of this has recently become evident to me. I used to do a job that was very valuable within the business, I can now see a situation where the business no longer requires people with that role. It’s not just that the role is being diminished – it’s no longer needed at all.

If I’d stayed doing what I was doing I would now be feeling very sensitive about my position going forward.

Here are the things that I do to stay open to change:

  • Experiment – try new things out it’s a great way finding something out.
  • Read and watch widely – I try to get a broad view on as many things as I can.
  • Converse – other people’s points of view influence my point of view and it’s always better to converse with someone who has a different opinion to you.
  • Listen – conversing involves listening but it’s worth highlighting that it’s the listening part that is the most important.
  • Help – in helping others work through things I get to understand a different perspective
  • Be Open – I try to stay open to someone else having a better idea about something than I do
  • Lay down – I try to stop doing things that are no longer important. This is probably the thing I struggle with the most.
  • Respect – people are rarely the stereotype that they might look like so I try not to prejudge what someone might have to offer.

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