Tension Headaches: Under Control but Not Moving On

Continuing my series following my journey with tension headaches, today I made another visit to the doctors.

Lake District SnowAs a short aside, there are a number of GP’ at the practice we use, and the booking system makes it difficult to choose who you are going to visit. So I’ve now explained my situation, and had some of the same conversation with four different doctors. It’s nice to see that for the most part they have been consistent, but a bit frustrating to have the same conversation.

The reason for today’s conversation was that I’ve again reached the end of a course of anti-inflammatory medication and wanted to talk about the next steps rather than just getting some more of the same.

Under the current medication of anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants my headaches have been largely under control which has been good. Neither of these medications are meant for the long haul.

Tension headaches are all about muscle tension in the head and neck and I’m constantly aware of a tight neck and shoulders. I’d wondered about some physiotherapy, but that doesn’t appear to be the recommended option. It seems, that in order to make progress, I need to get serious about working on my posture, exercises, position, everything.

After more than 25 years of keyboard use something tells me that it’s not going to be an easy road,

Having had my posture instructions and trying to be a good back citizen all day at work I got home to find that we had a problem with out central heating. I then proceeded to spend two hours on the phone listening to hold music – in possibly the worst posture for the head and neck possible.

Personal change can be an easy thing, but often it’s difficult – hopefully this isn’t going to be too tiresome.

I’m also supposed to be reducing my stress levels, but I have no idea where I’m going to start on that one.

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