Blessings #157 – Broken Perceptions

This weekend we ventured out to one of the local small towns. We had no particular reason for being there other than the fact that we were avoiding Preston town centre for various reasons.

Windermere in the mistIt was a cold day, one of those when you don’t really want to be mooching around meandering from shop to shop. It was a day when we should really have be in mission mode moving from store to store in order with a purpose.

As we didn’t really have a mission for being there we defaulted to a combination of the two – mooching at a pace, as if we had a mission.

After exploring the delights of a couple of the local stores and quickly glancing through the price of property in the selection of estate agents we spotted a cafe hidden away down the side of a hotel. The hotel was looking a bit tired, but the cafe looked, at a distance, as if it might have some promise.

As we got nearer to the cafe my heart sank as I saw the tables inside and got an initial impression of the decor inside. But the desire to get out of the cold was stronger than the desire to find a really nice cafe. I entered the cafe with a clear perception of the experience that I was going to receive, and it wasn’t a great one.

My perception was completely wrong and within a few short seconds the prejudices that I had built up were shattered by a delightful cup of locally roasted coffee and a home made scone with real butter and fruity jam.

Having had my perceptions shattered I looked around and realised that this cafe had been crafted out of the platform of a now absent railway platform giving it a real character.

Jesus regularly broke peoples perceptions.

They wanted him to fit into the little box that they had decided he should fit into, but he wasn’t going to have any of it.

Rulers and authorities wanted him to conform, but he wasn’t going to fit into their parameters, he had his own definition.

People still want to put Jesus into a box and make him fit their parameters – but even today Jesus is having none of it.

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