Playing a new game

Some wisdom from Seth Godin today:

Spring Flowers 2010A car is not merely a faster horse.And email is not a faster fax. And online project management is not a bigger whiteboard. And Facebook is not an electronic rolodex.

Play a new game, not the older game but faster.

I work alongside IT organisations who are often so focussed on getting “more for less” they completely miss the game that is changing around them.

So often the question is focussed on upgrading rather than transitioning – “if I upgrade the corporate email system will it be cheaper” rather than “what opportunities do we have for delivering communications in a better way”. People don’t want corporate email they want communication, and while they are all looking at the corporate email system this thing called social networking comes up behind them and changes the game.

One thought on “Playing a new game”

  1. This is a big issue today I think. The “more for less” is coming up time and time again, and while cheaper, it may not be better.

    Value is too often placed on cost rather than function. If it’s a bit more expensive, but get the job done quicker with a better experience, surely that’s better value for money?


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