Random Thoughts for the Bank Holiday Weekend

I try to put together a well constructed post with something meaty to it at least once a week, but this week hasn’t been one of those weeks, so here are some random thoughts and stories:

  • Twitter on the BlackBerryAfter spending most of a day in a room with no light and very poor air-conditioning I again realised how destructive the working environment can be to productivity.
  • Team dynamics are constantly in play. Just because you’re “performing” in one place doesn’t mean you aren’t “storming” in another.
  • After sitting in a freezing cold office with the desk that backs onto a window I again realised how destructive the working environment can be to productivity.
  • Power and heating are still huge issues for IT. Many a fancy gadget is ruined by the need to carry around a power supply.
  • There are still far too many places without good mobile network coverage. It cannot be assumed that everyone, everywhere has, or can have network access. And in some of them you can’t even make a phone call.
  • The topics I think are going to be contentious – often aren’t. It’s the things I think are simple and straight forward that always catch me out.
  • Some things have annoyed me for more than 20 years.
  • After starting a group on Facebook for a reunion I realised the power of visual memories once I posted some old, old pictures.
  • I still hit ; when I mean ‘ far too many times.
  • Twitter is good for simple responses, but terrible for a conversation. This was made evident when two conversations overlapped with hilarious consequences – were we talking about underpants or Chrome?
  • It’s very difficult to type on a BlackBerry when your thumb is bandaged.
  • After reading a set of documents that didn’t answer a single one of the questions that we being asked I realised that people will spend days and weeks doing anything, rather than go through the agony of asking for help.
  • Having been misquoted by a number of people I was reminded, again, that people don’t always hear what is being said.
  • When being asked for my advice I know that on many occasions people are really asking me to take a decision for them, even when it’s their responsibility to answer the question.
  • One of my many faults is that I always expect people to know what I know. It’s irrational, I know, but it’s something that I do.
  • And finally for today, here’s a little experiment for you. If you draw the capital letter Q on your forehead leaving you finger where you finished. The side of your forehead where your finger ended up tells you something about how you see the world – I’ll let other explain.

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