Blessings #150 – Heaven’s Spotlights

I love walking at this time of year, actually, if I’m honest, I love walking at any time of year. One of the things that I particularly like about walking in the spring time is what I’ve come to think of as heaven’s spotlights.

Dale Head ViewsHeaven’s spotlights are those flashes of brilliance that light up sections of the countryside for a few moments and then move onto somewhere else.

As I was walking in the English Lake District over the weekend it was prime heaven’s spotlight time. The clouds where high in the sky and quite sparse as I walked my way up Dale Head turning around every now and again to survey the view of Great Gable and the Scafell range of mountains the scene would be ever changing (Actually, most of the time I was turning around to catch my breath, but that doesn’t sound as philosophical).

Sometimes the spotlights were radiating light from the few patches of snow that were still resident on the north side of Scafell. At other times the spotlight would be eliminating one of the lesser hills making it stand proud while being overlooked by it’s larger neighbours. Then the spotlights would make there way down into a valley picking out some of the detail there, perhaps a  river, or a house, or a wood.

Sometimes the spotlights would scan across a ridge highlighting it’s undulations. Occasionally the spotlights would merge together in a florescent dance.

I love it that this changing light seems to make the countryside come alive in a way that it just isn’t on a grey dank day. The light gives it life.

Sometimes I stand in a crowd and look around and I get a similar feeling. I see conversations that are in spotlights. I’m not talking about real light, I’m talking about something that is happening in the conversation that even from a distance seems to make it shine.

I can see other conversations that are just ordinary almost dull looking, but these conversations seem to me to be iridescent. The conversation, not just the people, seems to be alive.

We all have too many conversations that are just a passing of information and have no life in them at all. But I know when I’ve experienced a conversations that is full of life, making me fell more alive too. These conversations are like spotlights from heaven.

Sometimes I’m sure that we create our own version of a dark dank day by not bringing everything we have to our interactions with others, we make them grey. When we bring ourselves then we bring the light, and that light makes us more alive.

If you click on the image below and view it in large see how many different heaven’s spotlights you can see, it’s not just one or two. If you look really closely you’ll see that one of the spotlights is lighting up the sea in the distance:Dale Head Panoramic

Perhaps if we tried to bring more light we’d get more life in return, or perhaps it’s the other way around?

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