Silverdale – Half Term

Last week we spent a wonderful week chilling in Silverdale – it’s not far, but it’s a different world.

Silverdale and Morecombe BayIt was great to spend time with friends away from the normal day to day rush. We did some walking, we did some eating, we even drank some coffee and played board games. There’s something very special about playing a silly board game in a lounge with a roaring fire and laughing uncontrollably at something that isn’t really that funny.

The weather was amazing – on Tuesday we were walking in the snow up to Easdale Tarn; on Wednesday we sat out on the balcony eating lunch in the sunshine.

As a follow-up to my last post; this holiday underlined the start of a new era with Jonathan driving himself there a few days after we left.

We stayed at Wolf House Cottages, it’s right next to an art gallery and a coffee shop, what more could you ask for:

Created with flickr slideshow.

One thought on “Silverdale – Half Term”

  1. Some great pictures here Graham, looks and sounds like you had the perfect family time.

    Made me smile when I read it as it sounds very similar to the week we had. A couple of lazy days at home, then a few out in the country, enjoying the fresh air and family company.

    We too had loads of laughs that thinking back were over things that were not really funny, just that the closeness of the family we all seemed to get it. In fact my youngest was trying to explain to one of here friend’s parents yesterday how we had “exercised our chuckle muscles as well as our legs”, and when she was trying to explain why we were laughing she was faced with a somewhat blank expression, because it wasn’t that funny, but it made us laugh until we were struggling to breath. I guess you just had to be there.

    Thanks for sharing the photos matey!


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