2009 Top 10 (sort of)

Before I start into 2010 I wanted to do a quick review of 2010.

Statistics are wonderful things and one of the joys of the rich set of measures that are available these days is that you can quickly get some idea of what is going on. as with all statistics though they are there to help to build a story, they are not the story.

So here are some of my Top 10’s for 2009 since I’ve been on grahamchastney.com which has only been for part of the year. (I didn’t really see any value in combining two sets of statistics especially as I moved to grahamchastney.com in February).

Top 10 active posts:

1 Team Development: Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing
2 Rich Pictures
3 Slow Logon v Slow Applications
4 My New Fear of Working from Home
5 My Tools: Office Clip Art
6 Where’s the Whiteboard?
7 The IT Vendor – Pen League Table
8 New design for this site
9 Brabantia: Excellent Customer Care
10 Windows Live Writer Dictionary – Hack

The main thing to note here is that one of these posts has outstripped the others, and two posts have far outstripped any of the others.,


The main reason for this is that both of these posts appear high on the Google page order.

Top 10 search terms:

Search Term Views
forming storming norming performing 132
dilbert whiteboard 59
graham chastney 35
rich picture 20
runshaw bus fire 19
rich pictures examples 16
dilbert white board 15
galleny force 14
rich pictures 13
preston maritime festival 13

Like I say, statistics only tell part of the story.

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