Brabantia: Excellent Customer Care

In our kitchen we have a Brabantia bin and it might sound sad, but we really like this bin. VinciIt’s really well designed – practically and aesthetically.

It has a really nifty push lid that lifts up when you press it. When you are working in the kitchen you don’t really want to be fumbling about lifting a lid. To close it you just press it shut.

The other week, however, we came to press the bin lid down to close it and it wouldn’t stay down. When I looked at the lid action part of it was broken.

This bin wasn’t cheap and we’d had this bin for a couple of years so I wondered whether it was possible to buy spare parts for it. While searching around the internet looking for a spare I discovered that Brabantia bins come with a 10 year guarantee. Having had a quick look through the drawer where we keep this kind of information without any luck I thought I would see what they said if I sent them an email.

The next day I had an email with a couple of questions. Having replied to the question I was sent another email with a PDF file containing a shipping notice for me to send the old one back. A few days later I had an email telling me that  a new one was being shipped. This morning, early and with a startlingly loud knock on the front door from the postman, a new one arrived.

I had no proof of purchase, I couldn’t even remember the purchase date to anything more accurate than a couple of months.

This was really good customer service.

The process was a simple straightforward one that resulted in me being a very satisfied customer.

In customer satisfaction terms people talk about promoters, neutrals and detractors – in the case of Brabantia bins you can count me in as a promoter.

One thought on “Brabantia: Excellent Customer Care”

  1. Good customer service keeps you coming back .. I’ve had over £1000 of repairs to my Renault Scenic in the last year, which Renault have paid for as it was just out of warranty and they were items that should not have failed for this car at its age .. never had that with any other manufacturer and we didn’t even buy it new!


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