What do I put in my “about” page?

Wisley in the AutumnWhat would you like to see in the “about” page on this site?

If you click on the heading “about” you’ll notice that it doesn’t say anything of any value. This is primarily because I’m not quite sure what to write. So I thought I would ask the people who read what I write to tell me what they would like to know (Yes, that’s you).

If you want to know it then there is a reasonable chance that someone else would too.

Just leave a comment on the bottom of this post and I’ll see what we come up with.

I reserve the right not to include your ideas though, I’m not leaving myself that open.

One thought on “What do I put in my “about” page?”

  1. Hi Graham, interesting question, which prompted me to review mine!

    I have always thought of it as a brief description of who I am and what makes me tick. I actually think this is getting harder, as what really makes us is spread further about the internet on LinkedIn, twitter, Flickr, etc…

    In many ways, I find we tend to “get to know” the people behind their blogs through their posts, rather than their about page.


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