Welcome to grahamchastney.com

Jimmy and Grandad 2.0Hopefully many of you will be seeing this as I’ve moved over the feeds that used to work against my old hosted location.

I’ve decided that it’s time that I stopped hiding behind the funny “oak grove” thing and came out as the real me. I wasn’t really hiding, and wasn’t doing that good of a job of it anyway.

There’s still plenty to do, but all of the old content is here, including Jimmy and Granddad.

Let me know what you thing.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to grahamchastney.com”

    1. Thanks Stu. The theme is likely to change over time, I’m wanting to do something a bit more personal and I’m really a fan of three columns, but I haven’t found anything yet that quite fits the bill. Perhaps I’ll have to get down into the CSS and create something myself.

      PS: Slightly scary gravatar buddy.


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