Jimmy and Grandad 2.0

Jimmy and Grandad 2.0It is with some sadness that I announce the retirement of Jimmy and Grandad 1.0. It is with a little excitement that I announce the arrival of Jimmy and Grandad 2.0.

Both Jimmy and Grandad have known that this day was coming and have embraced it with the resilient attitudes you would expect. Many of you will not know this but Grandad has for some time suffered from repeated fractures in his legs due to Jimmy and Grandad 2.0his age, and Jimmy’s clothes have, quite frankly, become a disgrace.

Jimmy and Grandad 1.0 were there to witness the arrival of their upgraded selves and welcomed them with open arms. As with many upgrades some things are better, and newer, other things are not quite what they used to be. You will notice that the new Grandad has had to resort to glasses because his eyesight isn’t quite as good as Grandad 1.0. You will also notice that Jimmy 2.0 doesn’t quite have the same wide smile as Jimmy 1.0.

Jimmy and Grandad 2.0So I would ask you to welcome the new Jimmy and Grandad as they try to take on their new roles. It can be quite demanding to be expected to travel so widely.

Jimmy and Grandad 1.0 will be entering retirement on the third floor of the bookshelf. From there they will be able to continue their studies of human behaviour without having to participate in quite so many adventures.

It is the end of an era.

Jimmy and Grandad 2.0

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