Count Your Blessings #121 – Fresh Baked Pizza

Rydal Hall WaterfallEmily (my daughter, 12) has recently been baking a lot, and we are all loving it.

Last night was fresh pizza.

We are not talking here about pizza made on a shop bought base, but pizza baked from scratch, making the dough from ingredients, making the sauce from ingredients, covered with lashings of toppings.

The pizza was fabulous, really fabulous.

Not only was it a blessing to my stomach, it was a bigger blessing to my soul.

Watching Emily enjoy the process of creativity was wonderful.

The joy she got from kneading dough was incredible, but that was nothing compared to the look on her face when she showed it to me after an hour when it had miraculously risen.

I had to play taxi for Jonathan while the rest of the process was pursued. When I returned the pizza was made; wonderful, glorious, pizza. Emily’s face was beaming.

There is something incredible about the face of someone who has just created something that they are really proud of. Emily’s face told the story of someone who had been on a journey and triumphed.

We can approach a task in all sorts of different ways. We can approach it as a task that needs to be done because it needs to be done or we can approach it as an opportunity. What turns a task into an opportunity is the ability to be creative within the task.

Creativity comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each of them makes an impact on who we are. It’s something that is deeply engrained in who we are. One of the most demoralizing things I see are people with no creative outlet, stuck in job they hate, with nothing igniting that spark of inspiration.

I believe that we are made in the image of God and God is creator; He makes things, He plans things, He changes things. I, therefore, believe that we are made to be creative and that it’s part of our character.

When I spend time with children and younger people I see creativity all of the time. One of the saddest things I see are adults who have stopped being creative because it’s been knocked out of them by the need to be grown-up, or by a feeling of not being good enough. One of the most joyous things i see are adult rediscovering creative inspiration.

Jesus loved to be around children, perhaps their creativity was one of the reasons.

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