BlackBerrys and PDAs bad for work/life balance – Really !?!?!?

An early start for a long driveIt’s becoming a popular trend of reporting “BlackBerrys and PDAs bad for work/life balance“.

Is that really true?

Is the device itself actually bad for work/life balance?

Does the very presence of a Blackberry or a PDA have a negative effect on your ability to balance your time?

It’s another case of us humans abdicating our responsibility over to the machines and letting them take the blame.

It’s not the machine that is the problem – it’s our attitude to the machine!

Do I have the ability to turn my Blackberry off? Of course I do!

Do I have the ability to leave my BlackBerry at home when I go out for the day? Of course I do!

It’s a tool that I use, it’s not my master and I’m not a slave to it.

If my boss sends me an email at midnight, that’s his problem! I don’t see why I should carry my BlackBerry around just in case he does.

If I choose to go through my emails on the night before returning from holiday so that I can have an easier run in on Monday morning that’s my choice. It’s not the machine making me do it. If I blame the machine then I’m just ducking the real issue.

When I was a child I kicked a ball through a window. When I was caught I blamed the ball, but I was still the one that was punished. N-one would expect otherwise.

I know that, for many people, the need to respond to something is very strong, but we need to learn to ignore it, or to turn it off. I would be a very rich man if I had a £1 for every time someone interrupted a face-to-face meeting we were having so that they could answer the phone. But it’s still not the phones fault for ringing, it’s our fault for answering it.

2 thoughts on “BlackBerrys and PDAs bad for work/life balance – Really !?!?!?”

  1. “it’s still not the phones fault for ringing, it’s our fault for answering it.”
    I couldn’t agree more! Its one of my pet hates, and often on the verge of bad manners in my book.
    How many of those calls are taken and go something like:
    “Yes, no problem, listen, I’m in a meeting right now, I’ll call you back…”
    “OK, fine, thanks, speak to you later”
    It makes me wonder why bother answering in the first place?
    Sorry for the rant, you touched a nerve! 😉


  2. Don’t apologise Simon, I was struggling to keep it rational myself.
    I was recently in a meeting where there were so many interuptions I walked out. And the person who’s meeting it was didn’t even notice.


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