Count Your Blessings #86 – The Feel of a Conker

Conkers 2006One of the great things about taking a walk in the woods at this time of year is the discovery of conkers.

Anyone who has handled a conker will know exactly what I mean when I say that I love to handle them. Fresh out of the shell they are especially tactile.

Although there is a pile of them in the pictures I actually prefer to have a single conker in my hand and to rub it between my fingers enjoying it’s smoothness on different parts of my palm and fingers.

These particular conkers have now been in my office for a couple of weeks and the experience has changed them. They are no longer soft, they have become much harder and have taken on a much darker look. They have shrunk quite a bit too. The smoothness is still there, but not in the same way. They have dried out.

Conkers 2006Life can dry us out too sometimes. We need constant watering to stay fresh.

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