Working Environment – Thinking Outside the Box

La PaludAlexander (The Chief Happiness Officer) has a great set of pictures taken in inspirational working environments today.

Inspired me to think again about this room in which I sit for most of my working day. It made me slightly ashamed that I have created something predominantly traditional with a standard desk and book shelves.

The only break from the norm is the sofa (but that’s hardly radical) and the dolls house where Jimmy and Grandad live.

One of the nice things about this room is that I can control what is in here. The other day I finally decided to resolve an issue with the way some of the cables were tangled under the desk. It’s my desk, so I can. At the office I would have though twice about such things.

The thing with this room is that it is always going to be a compromise, because it is also the guest room so one it’s necessary to have a sofa bed in it, but that’s about the only restriction.

I’ve been thinking about putting a nice big whiteboard on one of the walls, because I am finding that it’s a great way of encouraging the creative flow. Anyone who has seen me in a presentation will probably be amazed that I don’t already have one .

Time to get the creativity working again.

(That reminds me, I must get a frame for that picture that needs hanging)

2 thoughts on “Working Environment – Thinking Outside the Box”

  1. You now have me thinking about my working environment. Currently I have the traditional book shelves, DVDs and various sports trophies, on the walls are mostly pictures drawn by my daughter or photos of my family. The desk area is separated into really need to bin and really need to file. Time for re-think on how to best work at home me feels!!


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