Windows Live Writer Dictionary – Hack

Jimmy, Grandad and ElephantFinally decided to do something about the Windows Live Writer Dictionary myself. As I suspected the dictionary is just a text file that is available in other applications. So I found somewhere where I could download the British Dictionary and replaced the file.

The replaced file is ssceam.clx in c:program fileswindows live writerdictionaries


No I can write colour and prioritise, honour and saviour without having to remember which is the right one.

19 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer Dictionary – Hack”

  1. Sorry Mario I don’t but I do know what the files are called that you are looking for:
    American English Dictionary (ssceam2.clx).
    American Legal Dictionary (sscela2.clx).
    American Medical Dictionary (sscema2.clx).
    Brazilian Portuguese Dictionary (sscepb2.clx).
    British English Dictionary (sscebr2.clx).
    British Legal Dictionary (sscelb2.clx).
    British Medical Dictionary (sscemb2.clx).
    Danish Dictionary (ssceda2.clx).
    Dutch Dictionary (scedu2.clx).
    Finnish Dictionary (sscefi2.clx).
    French Dictionary (sscefr2.clx).
    German Dictionary (sscege2.clx).
    Italian Dictionary (ssceit2.clx).
    Norwegian Bokmal Dictionary (sscenb2.clx).
    Portuguese Dictionary (sscepo2.clx).
    Spanish Dictionary (sscesp2.clx).
    Swedish Dictionary (sscesw2.clx).


  2. Useful information, although
    By the way, just one thing on American spelling. A quote from “Plain Words”, by Sir Ernest Gowers, published by HMSO.
    On the Question of whether words like Organise or Organisation should be spelt with an s or a z, authorities differ. There are some words (e.g Advertise, comprise, despise, advise, exercise and surmise) which are never spelled with a z. There are others (such as Organize) for which the spelling with z is the only American form , and is also a very common British one. This being so the British writer has the advantage over the American in that we may, if we wish, use an s all the time, for that will never be wrong, whereas a Z sometimes will be. But do not condemn those who use z in it’s right place.
    I tend to use z because I learnt years ago that Organize was correct, and Organise was a Victorian affectation


  3. Live Writer Update – Dictionary Hack Still Working

    For those of you who have implemented my dictionary hack for Windows Live Writer – you’ll need to do it all over again with the updated beta released yesterday (12.0.1277.816). The only difference is that the default path for Writer


  4. Windows Live Writer Dictionary Hack – Obsolete

    Along with a load of other Live announcements Microsoft announced that Windows Live Writer was now out of beta and has three English dictionaries. This makes my kludge of a dictionary hack wonderfully obsolete, it’s better that way. The installation


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