Would I buy an Origami?

Jimmy and Grandad struggle to get back into the house

Would I buy a device in the form-factor of the Origami – yes, and probably will, but probably not yet.

Having watched the video is look like it will be a great piece of equipment for having around the house. The predominant view seems to be that we will want them in landscape format, but I think I would prefer it in portrait because I see myself doing a lot of reading that way. In portrait format it feels a lot more like a book.

(PS: Jimmy and Grandad eventually made it back into the house. They needed some assistance though.)

One thought on “Would I buy an Origami?”

  1. I’d give Jimmy a paint brush while he was there 🙂
    Seriously I think for those of us without a PDA or Tablet if the price is right you may see some investment. Secondly to that vendors would need to come on board and ensure GUI’s are compatible with the circa 800×400 screen format.


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