Count Your Blessings #36 – Quiet Days

Crossthwaite Weather

Last week I was looking forward to a quiet day, so how did it go?

The first thing to comment on is the weather it played a large part in how the day went. Sometimes weather is just there and you don’t really notice it, that wasn’t the case on Friday.

We travelled up to Keswick in the Lake District for our quiet day. As we travelled to Keswick the sky got darker and the side winds got stronger. The weather forecast had predicted gale force winds in the Northern Lake District area so we were prepared. Our plan for the day was to use the school room at Crosthwaite Parish Church as we had last year, it has terrific views across the mountains, the church is open and provides another quiet place as does the church yard; the room itself is warm and cozy. On this stormy day it was ideal. The winds whipped Autumn leaves past the windows. The clouds were moving so fast that the sky changed every few seconds. The rain rapped against the window panes like thousands of tiny pebbles.

At one point I sat in the church and listened to the wind and rain battering against the ancient stones and listened to the old clock as it slowly ticked away its rhythm. All this weather pitted against stones which had resisted them for hundreds of years, and a clock that carried on regardless.


When I first started on quiet days I was, like most people, worried about how I would fill a whole day with quiet. This time I was again stunned that we had already run out of time. When we go on organised quiet days they give us something to ponder; when we go on our own we start with a blank sheet and see where we go. Either way, a day doesn’t seem like a long time at all once you’ve done it. It’s just about enough time to get the body and mind to slow down and to start listening to the spirit. I think that each of us received something in that short time though and each of us will cherish it. What I received is still mulling around inside my head and I don’t think I’m in a position to share it yet.

If you have never been on a quiet day then I highly recommend it. You’ll be in good company. Jesus went on quiet days too.

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