Count Your Blessings #17 – Friends Who Live Away


This weekend Sue, Jonathan, Emily and I are visiting friends in Edinburgh.

There is something very special about having friends who live away. I don’t mean that it’s nice that they don’t live too close. It would be fabulous to have these particular friends much closer. What I mean is that it’s great to get away from the day-to-day grind of living your normal life and go and visit someone you know cares about you.

When friends live away you can get in your car and leave all of the day-to-day niggles behind, they don’t have to come with you if you don’t want them too. If you do, however,  decide to take them with you friends who live away from you often have a completely different way of looking at those niggles. So often, in my experience, that different perspective has been the thing that has stopped the niggle being a niggle and started it on the road to becoming something that is getting resolved.

I do have to confess, though, that I am terrible at keeping those kind of relationships going. Sue it brilliant at it. She’s the one who makes phones call, remembers birthdays, sends Christmas cards. Thank you special lady.

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