Collaboration Overview


I don’t normally do straight link blogs but in this instance I’m going to make an exception.

Michael Sampson has written a great set of notes from “Creating a Collaboration Strategy: Aligning Solutions to Business Needs

Sometimes someone writes something that is music to my ears (eyes), and this is one of them. Collaboration is one of the areas of office productivity that I think IT has a long, long way to go. I think the reason we haven’t got their yet is because we haven’t done enough to understand the soft-skills issues of common office/team activities – meetings, document review, etc.

One thought on “Collaboration Overview”

  1. Thanks for the link Graham … neat to meet you. I agree re the soft-skills piece … and document review particularly. That was the idea behind my Pillar 3 document, “Real-time Joint Editing and Review” … enabling people to quickly get feedback on in-progress documents.


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