Home Working Productivity Assessment

Coins in Tree

The results of a few days working from home are included in the table below.

I have expanded the definition to include use of Instant Messaging because there is a good deal of interaction that happens that way to.

I thought about adding in something about comments raised on blogs, but realised that I am like many in the blog world. I complain that I haven’t had many comments, but do very little of it myself.

I’m still  not fully set on the weight scale that I am going to use. At present I don’t think it really reflects the quality elements of the study that I am wanting to capture.

It’s been a real eye opener on the number of emails that I actually do something with. I’m not sure whether that’s because I’m lazy, or because I actually do a reasonable job of filtering down to the important ones.


All I need to do now is actually go into the office.

(Had to move to a picture of the table because the HTML table was getting messed up, and as HTML tables are a black art  couldn’t be bothered working through it)

7 thoughts on “Home Working Productivity Assessment”

  1. Productivity through Training (and Technology)

    Yesterday I spent some time reading through a couple of Microsoft articles:Enabling the New World of WorkHelping Employees Use Technology More Effectively at MicrosoftBoth of these papers


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